New Your Car Is On Fire App For Mobile Phones

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Pranks are fun to be played around friends and with people who enjoy a quick laugh. There are a few who will not like jokes and pranks about things that are expensive or they really care about.

Today we found a perfect prank app that involves vehicles. All you have to do is click an image of the car and you can edit the image by adding flames to it. The image can be altered to great extent to get the perfect representation of a car on fire.

The app is currently available only on iOS and is called ‘Dude Your Car!', it has been developed by Alexander Attarian. It is a paid app and is available for only Rs. 60. It is constantly updated with new effects.

In our video of the day we will demonstrate how to use this app for best effect. The prank can be well executed with various effects available in the app. If you want to have fun with your friend and family members get this up and get fooling people about their vehicle being on fire.

Video Of The Day: New Your Car Is On Fire App For Mobile Phones!

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