Eurofighters Intercept Russian Spy Plane

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This is the moment when Royal Air Force (RAF) Eurofighters intercepted a Russian spy plane and four Russian Su-27 'Flanker' fighter jets over International air space.

According to the Daily Mail, the British Eurofighter were scrambled after two Su-27's and a Coot-A communications aircraft (the spy plane) were detected over just north of Estonia who according to a spokesperson from the British Ministry of Defence were operating without transmitting recognised identification codes nor were they communicating with regional air traffic control centres.'

The Eurofighters shadowed the three Russian aircraft and also detected the presence of another two Su-27 attack aircraft in the skies around them.

This is the second time in a week that the RAF Eurofighters, who are in Estonia as part of NATO's Baltic Air Policing mission, had to be scrambled to intercept Russian aircraft near Estonia.

The Eurofighters had intercepted three Russian transport aircraft who were also travelling in a similar manner to the five aircraft that were intercepted on Tuesday, May 17.

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