Mustang's Have Fun When No One Is Around

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The Mustang is America's iconic vehicle, they are always pictured as cars with extreme power. They are popularly known for being robust and built to last and most Americans call the other cars as plastic compared to their Mustangs.

Today we have a video of what cars, especially Mustangs, do when they are all alone. It is a fun video and is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings. We love the effort taken to shoot the video, we believe they have used stop motion to achieve the final product.

The first Ford Mustang came into existence in 1965 and are present till date. The American automobile giant has changed and evolved its Mustang, today it has reached its sixth generation model.

We believe you should take a look at our video of the day, it will surely put a smile to your face if you are having a bad day. Do let us know in the comments below what you think of Ford's attempt of making this video about their most iconic vehicle?

Video: Mustangs Have Fun When No One Is Around!

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