Motorcyclists Chased By Police Vehicles

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Motorcycle riders are known to be a menace all over the world. Here is the reason why most people think as they do. Motorcyclists usually ride in groups and can cause a lot of commotion with their loud and powerful engines.

In our video of the day you can see how motorcycle riders perform stunts at stop signs. You will also notice that almost each and every riders tries to flee away from cops. The riders are performing wheelies, donuts, burnouts and even stoppies at times.

It is okay to perform stunts, however, riders should do them at a closed circuit, where no one else could get hurt. Performing stunts in public and without safety gear is dangerous for sure. Check our video of the day in which, there is a compilation of several stunters being chased by police officers.

Video Of The Day: Motorcyclists Chased By Police Vehicles!

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