Rider Loses His Helmet During A High Speed Crash — Lives To Race Another Day

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High-speed motorcycle crashes are scary. That said, your helmet coming off during such a crash is something unthinkable, yet, that's what happened to Luiz Franchi at the New Jersey Motorsports Park.

Franchi rear-ended the rider ahead of him just as the two riders crossed the finish line, and what happened next was something dangerous — just as Franchi came off his motorcycle and hit the asphalt, his helmet came off, while still going over 100mph.

luiz franchi crash

Luckily for Franchi, his head did not touch the ground, and the rider lives on to race again. What exactly made Franchi's AGV come off is a mystery - the helmet could have been one size bigger, or may be the strap was not fastened properly.

Whatever the reason was, Franchi was lucky to have not hurt his head. The rider ahead of Franchi, Jeremy Whitehurst, unexpectedly closed throttle after crossing the finish line which leads to the crash.

Being a gentleman, however, Whitehurst took full responsibility for the crash and said, "This was a lot more my fault than I had originally thought. I did not think I chopped the throttle like that after the finish line. I take responsibility for what happened, and I apologize to Luiz Franchi. Live and learn. I'm glad no one was hurt and from now on, race pace into T1 after the checker."

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Motorcycle racing has its fair share of skids and crashes, but that is why riders are fully geared. But such an incident that involved a top-notch brand like AGV's gear to pop out of the rider's head is scary. There's a valuable lesson to learn though — not just wearing a helmet saves you, but choosing a helmet that fits you right is important.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 6, 2017, 10:10 [IST]

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