Video: Building A Lamborghini out Of Two Wheels

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Customisation means to build, fit, or alter something according to an individual's need or specifications.

In the automotive industry, customisation is very often seen to be taken to the next level.

There are people who are crazy and talented enough to merge two things of different polarities to as if they were meant to be.

There have been a lot of great and notable people involved with customising motorcycles, just for the sheer joy and pleasure of it.

There has been a motorcycle chassis built out of chains, even motorcycles built with powerful car engines and truck engines.

This person in the video however, has decided to custom build a bike, but only decided to build the motorcycle around the engine!

It sounds like a supercar and goes like one as well. That's because it is powered by a supercar engine.

The car chosen is not just any car but a V12 engine straight off a Lamborghini!

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