Mom Refuses To Break BMW Window To Rescue Trapped Son!

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Bizarre things happen around the world and this incident in China is the list topper! A mother refuses to break the window of her BMW to rescue her little toddler who is stuck inside.

Crowd gathered in large numbers after they heard a little toddler cry for help, stuck inside the BMW, and the temperature was 32 degrees outside.

The three year old boy was clawing at the window due to the heat and the mother was standing next to the vehicle doing nothing, since she didn't want to damage her BMW.

According to a witness, the mother insisted on waiting for a locksmith to open the car door, even though firefighters and others urged her to let them break the window.

When the boy began to deteriorate in the heat, firefighters smashed the window and rescued the youngster, ignoring the mother.

This bizarre "I chose the car over my son" incident took place in Yiwu, Zhejiang province.

There is just one thing to say about the incident - the woman's action was pure stupidity!

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