How Does The Mexican Ambassador Travel In India? By Auto Of Course!

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As 'out of the box' as it may sound, the Mexican Ambassador in India, Melba Pria travels around Delhi in a white auto-rickshaw, which has the Mexican flag and a diplomatic number plate.

Pria says she travels by an auto-rickshaw because it is the most efficient mode of transport and also less polluting. The rickshaw runs on CNG, like all the other autos run in the capital city.

mexican ambassador melba pria

The auto was initially white, and later, Pria got the vehicle remodelled by spray painting it in a floral design by visiting Mexican street artist, Senkoe.

In a statement, Pria said, "The attention it has received has made it a fun and creative way to promote Mexico and its artistry. Some people get worried about security, but millions of Indians use auto-rickshaws everyday so why should I be any different?"

The auto is driven by an official chauffeur, who is also embassy employee named Rajendra Kumar. One little drawback is that autos are occasionally barred from entering official buildings since they are considered as a mode of rented transport.

Pria was also stopped at the Parliament House and was told that that three-wheelers were not allowed inside the premises.

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