Supercars Deliver Burgers And Fries For McDonald's

McDonald's in Melbourne, Australia have really stepped up the term "Fast" in "Fast Food." The burger joint now delivers burgers and fries in either a Ferrari F430 spider or a Lamborghini.

McDonald's outlet in Melbourne, Australia has a few flashy sports cars parked outside, which is becoming a hit with the locals and passers-by in the area. Let alone people taking selfies!

All that is required for either a Ferrari or a Lamborghini to pull up on your driveway is an order worth $21 and a delivery charge of $4.35

This seems to be a good way to boost business for the company after they recorded a drop of 30 percent in profit during the last quarter.

Competition from other fast food joints was a major cause for McDonalds to promote their place as a healthier and a classier place to eat, although healthier is a debatable part.

Rob Moodie, professor for public health at the University of Melbourne said, "One would hope these changes are because we as consumers are more discerning and demanding of healthy food, because that's the only way that we would ever receive a change in McDonald's rather than through government regulation."

"They are the masters of marketing, they don't come much better than Ronald McDonald for instance—he's the 21st century pied piper," he added.

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