Matt LeBlanc Wants Chris Evans To Quit Top Gear

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Top Gear returned in 2016 with all-new hosts and action packed adventure. The main host of the Top Gear show currently is Chris Evans. He is accompanied by Matt LeBlanc, Eddie Jordan, Chris Harris, Sabine Schmitz, and Rory Reid who have been accepted with open arms.

Unfortunately, Chris Evans has been criticized for his uninspiring and screechy voice. Co-host Matt LeBlanc has recently indicated that he would quit Top Gear if Chris Evans continues. The reason being that Chris Evans is rude and has a negative attitude towards the work in hand.

Matt LeBlanc is not the only person unhappy with Chris Evans, others on the team too are unhappy. There are rumours that the hosts of Top Gear do not gel and get along with each other. Rumours have also surfaced that Chris Evans is jealous of the praises received by Rory Reid and Chris Harris.

Now it is unclear if BBC and Top Gear officials will get rid of Chris Evans or Matt LeBlanc. Filming for the next Top Gear series will begin in September, which could be pushed forward prior to making their decision. It will be tough for officials to chose one host over the other.

There have also been reports that Jenson Button could be enticed into a role as Top Gear host. All decides whether he continue to race in Formula One or will hang his gloves at the end of this season. Stay tuned for more updates and information as we get to know about them.

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