VIDEO: Matt Campbell Crash in Dakar Rally 2015

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The Dakar Rally is considered the toughest motorsport in the world and with reasons. Many participants have died in the past. Hunger, dehydration, losing the way are some of key reasons apart from crashing.

The 2015 edition of the Rally is no different. One rider has already passed away, not because of crashing but because of dehydration and hypothermia.

Polish rider Michal Hernik was found lying a few meters off the track, with his helmet taken off. The cause of his death was not known till much later.

Canadian driver Matt Campbell also suffered a massive crash this season. A spectator managed to capture this spectacular crash on video.

While people are already helping one of the cars in the competition that had toppled, Campbell appears at a really fast pace and his car shoots into the sky and flips multiple times before crashing back down and setting itself on fire.

Thanks to modern day safety, none of the occupants were seriously hurt and the spectators were totally safe.


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