Marc Marquez Performs Backflip Or Does He Not

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Marc Marquez and several other riders take up other forms of motorsport during the off season. Most riders take to the dirt tracks for fitness and keeping in sync with speed and racing. None of them take up stunt riding as they want to avoid injuries during winter.

Now, the two-time MotoGP Champion has posted a video on his official YouTube channel. The video showcases Marc Marquez performing a backflip. Now the question we ask is, has the Spaniard really taken the risk or not?

The video seems to be shot in a single take and the focus never moves from Marquez. We are really surprised that the Spaniard would take such a big risk. Somehow we have found a small clue in the video that proves that they video may not be real.

In the video Marc Marquez starts the video on a motorcycle that has two exhausts. As he jumps it looks like the motorcycle has a single exhaust. The bike, in the beginning, looks like a four-stroke dirt bike while the jump seems to be done with a lighter two-stroke dirt bike.

Surprisingly, Marc Marquez has taken to Twitter and confirmed that the video is not real. Dany Torres was present at the stunt show and Marquez claimed that he had taught him how to perform the dangerous backflip.

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