Mahindra Thar Rescuing A Jeep Wrangler Stuck in The Mud Is Proof Money Can't Buy You Skills

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Before American SUV manufacturer Jeep entered India if you asked anyone on the streets what a Jeep was, they would point you to one of the old Jeeps or a Thar. For many decades this was the case before the Americans invaded our shores to reclaim their name.

Other than the newly launched Compass, Jeep's SUVs currently on sale in India will burn a hole through most pockets. While most of those who can afford the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee, usually know their way around an off-road trail or two.

Unfortunately, there are some who just decide that flooring the throttle and letting the SUV do all the work no matter where they are. Case in point the person behind the wheel of the Wrangler who decides the best way to get out of mud pit, the heavy SUV was sinking into was by trying to spin the wheels (shod with road tyres) even more. Thankfully, the old Indian favourite in the form of a Thar shod with off-road tyres came to its rescue, making use of its better traction and a winch to pull the stricken American out of the bog.

mahindra thar rescues jeep wrangler

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The video above just shows that having a 'proper' off-roading SUV doesn't exactly mean, that you'll glide over potholes and other obstacles with ease by allowing the car to control everything. It also shows, that money well spent on a far less expensive vehicle with similar capabilities can result in a whole lot better results. However, if you are looking at buying that expensive car, off-roader or sports car, we'd advise you to get your skills up to par before trying anything silly.

Story first published: Tuesday, September 5, 2017, 17:50 [IST]

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