Lopifit Electric Walking Bicycle A Radical Invention

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New and radical inventions are constantly being created by young inventors. An all-new healthy and clean mobility option called 'Lopifit' has been developed. It is the very first electric walking bicycle, do not worry we will explain this phenomenon to you.

Lopifit is developed and created by Bruin Bergmeester. He has best described the contraption as a treadmill on wheels. As the individual walks on the treadmill, it replenishes the battery which feeds an electric motor.

It is still unclear to us if people will take the concept of Lopifit seriously or only as a novelty. Electric scooters and bicycles are gaining popularity across the world. Unfortunately, Lopifit is available in select countries and we do not see it coming to India anytime soon.

The concept is simple and ingenious by Bruin Bergmeester. Lopifit does not require any plug-in source to recharge its battery, all it needs is two legs that can walk on a treadmill. We like the concept as fit and active people can focus on their workout even as they travel and loose the extra calories gained.

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Story first published: Saturday, May 14, 2016, 16:17 [IST]

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