A Very Scary Tale Of How A Vehicle Was Supposed To Be Shipped, But Was Rented Out

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In the modern world, shipping vehicles or transporting a vehicle from one part of the country to another part is a common thing. We get the number online or through certain means, take the vehicle to the transporter's office or they come pick it up from your place and after three to four days in most cases, your vehicle has reached or arrived at your destination.

A recent incident has thrown light about how dangerous this can be. A Delhi resident wanted to sell his Toyota Qualis and managed to find a buyer in Bangalore. He wanted to transport the vehicle over and contacted Om Sai Packers & Logistics, a firm based in Gurgaon.

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As spoken over the phone, the logistics company sent a driver (Sandeep) over to Delhi, picked up the vehicle, issued a consignment note, car condition report, took photos of the car and drove off. The firm promised that the car would be loaded and sent to Bangalore in a day or two.

Later, the seller started to follow up with Rahul, the person who called from the logistics company to find out details about his Qualis, if it has been loaded or not. Rahul kept promising the seller saying it will be loaded in two to three days time and also claimed that the depot manager has had an accident and it would take three more days for the vehicle to be loaded.

Eventually, Rahul got in touch with the seller and claimed that the vehicle has been loaded and is on the way to Bangalore. He also wanted an advance payment, and provided another number to the seller, saying Monu is the person for contact. Monu kept calling the seller asking for an advance saying the truck has reached Madhya Pradesh, but has run out of fuel and money. The seller transferred Rs. 10,000 and hoped things would go smooth.

After a couple of days, the seller got worried and called Monu and Rahul, who kept claiming that the truck will reach Bangalore in two to three days time. Worried, the seller called Sandeep, the driver who initially came to pick up the car from Delhi. Sandeep claimed that the vehicle (Qualis) was still in Gurgaon and was being used locally. This left the seller shocked.

The frustrated seller gets in touch with the police and with the help of Sandeep, nab Rahul (whose real name was Ravinder) and Monu. They later traced the car to a village, 160km from Gurgaon and bring it back to Delhi. The duo (Ravinder and Monu) later revealed to the police that they were renting out the car and have agreed to pay the seller Rs. 20,000 for damages and refund. The car had run 30,000km in three days time.

Frustrated, the seller has dropped off the Qualis at an authorised service centre to get damages sorted and the buyer, from Bangalore has agreed to send his trusted driver to pick up the vehicle from Delhi. The incident was horrific in deed, and DriveSpark is requesting people to watch out for such people.

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