This Electric Jet Could Soon Land In Your Garden

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The way we travel from the crowded city centres to the comfort of our homes is changing rapidly and if a company called Lillum Aviation has its way, we could all soon be travelling by our own Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing(VTOL) Jet.

lillum electric vtol jet

The Lillum Electric VTOL Jet will start rolling out in 2018 but there is no mention of prices from the four engineers from Germany who designed this jet at the European Space Agency's incubation centre.

The jet uses electric motors to fly about and requires just a 15x15 metre space to land or take-off and pilots will require just 20-hours of flying time to fly the two seater gullwing door jet plane.

According to Lillum, the jet's engines will swivel to push the electric VTOL jet forward after it takes off. The range aimed for is 500 kilometres and the top speed aimed for is 400km/h while the cruising speed is a more reasonable 300km/h.

If and when it does come out, the Lillum VTOL electric Jet could change the way we travel completely.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 10, 2016, 13:11 [IST]
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