Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R Fished Out Of A Lake In US (Pictures)

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The Nissan GT-R is a car wanted by many, thanks to its blistering performance. Now those who get a chance to own such a car treat it with a lot of love and care. Some even take it a step further, customising the car with companies like Liberty Walk*.

One person, however, thought it was even better to hand over a Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R to a mechanic, until he realised the car is no more on land! That is because the technician who was supposed to take good care of the car has crashed the Liberty Walk GT-R into a lake.

Reports suggest that the technician was street racing with the Nissan GT-R, and crashed into a lake, before losing control of the car completely. Rescue workers had to fish out the car since it was completely submerged.

The car has suffered severe damage to its bodywork and interiors. The damages seem to be beyond repairable and most likely is a total write off. Looks like all the work done by Liberty Walk has just taken a walk!

*Liberty Walk is a Japanese company that initially started selling used cars and at present, specialise in car body kits and performance upgrades.

Here are some images of the car before and after the accident

liberty walk nissan gtr front left
liberty walk nissan gtr front right
liberty walk nissan gtr sun set view
liberty walk nissan gtr side profile
liberty walk nissan gtr rear
liberty walk nissan gtr after crash side profile
liberty walk nissan gtr submerged in water
liberty walk nissan gtr after crash
liberty walk nissan gtr pulled out from water
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