Video: Watch 2.4-Metre-Long Shark Being Towed By Pickup Truck

A 2.4-metre-long shark was spotted hanging from the back of a boat on a trailer being towed by a pickup truck. Neither was it a mistake, nor was it a dangerous situation. It was just a prized catch being hauled back home from a fishing trip.

A bunch of friends in Sydney went fishing and caught this 2.4-metre-long Mako Shark with razor sharp teeth. But this fish turned out to be an online sensation after a video of it being transported went viral.

The Shark was strapped to the boat which they used to catch it, which in turn was being towed by a pickup truck. They had to cover a distance of about 40 kilometres on a highway and some busy city roads from Botany bay to reach their home in Cecil Park.

2.4-Metre-Long Shark Being Towed By Pickup Truck

According to reports, the one of the four friends who went out fishing confirmed that they go out for a day of fishing and come back with a large catch once every 3-4 months. The same person also confirmed that the Shark would be shared by the families of the four friends and eaten over the next few weeks.

Fishing is a common hobby and sport in Australia and most people who stay in twons next to the never-ending shoreline in the country go out fishing. Fish is also a staple food in many parts of the country.

According to law in Australia, one is allowed to fish for Mako sharks, but only as long as it is one shark per fisherman. So, this wasn't exactly illegal, and neither were they parading their catch. The fishermen were quoted as saying, "We definitely weren't showing off. The shark was enormous and just physically too big to fit into the car door".

2.4-Metre-Long Shark Being Towed By Pickup Truck

Thoughts On 2.4-Metre-Long Shark Being Towed By Car

It certainly isn't illegal, but just the sight of such a large fish being towed by a pickup truck on busy city roads is hilarious. The razor-sharp teeth chatter as the shocks from the road are transferred to the boat it was tie on. For the four families, it would have made for quite a few wonderful meals. But for motorists on the road, feeling would have ranged from fear to humour.

Source: Daily Mail

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Article Published On: Saturday, January 26, 2019, 7:30 [IST]
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