Lane Splitting Accidents Who Is To Be Blamed?

By Ajinkya

Motorcycles are fun to ride as they can be easily maneuvered through traffic. They are light and more convenient than four-wheelers. The only problem that a motorcycle rider faces most of the times is zero safety incase of an accident.

Often you will come across an individual on a motorcycle, who keeps cutting lanes to get ahead of the rest. In these tight situations anything can happen and accident is never far away. If a vehicle moves slightly to its left or right it could lead to confusion in the riders mind.

In the riders defense we can say if there is no indication from the cars it is their fault. On the other hand riding a motorcycle in traffic fast is dangerous by itself and should be avoided. There is always a possibility that someone could open the door and in the process get injured.

In our video today we show you a motorcyclist cutting lanes. We would like you to tell us whose mistake is it here. Do you think it is the motorcycle or car drivers fault? Do leave us your answer in the comment section below?

Video: Lane Splitting Who Is To Be Blamed?

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Article Published On: Wednesday, December 10, 2014, 17:35 [IST]
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