The Landwind X7 Bumps Into Its Original Counterpart, The Range Rover Evoque

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The Chinese auto industry is notorious for copying designs, and the Landwind X7 is one of the most famous ones. What makes the Landwind X7 famous is that it is an identical, but a cheaper copy of the famous Range Rover Evoque.

Land Rover is furious, but the Chinese don't seem to be very worried about it. The latest news about the Landwind X7 is that it bumped into its original version, the Evoque. Both vehicles really did 'Bump' into each other.

Both vehicles brushed against each other in the city of Chongqing, China.

According to the police, the fault was of the Landwind, and the owner has to bear the cost of fixing both the vehicles. Nobody was hurt, but the damage expense of the Evoque is quite sure to be higher than that of the Landwind X7.

The Landwind X7 is sold in China for a price of USD 19,600 (Rs. 13.09 lakh) while the Range Rover Evoque retails for USD 68,000 (Rs. 45.44 lakh).

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