Lamborghini Aventador Catches Fire On The Street

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The Italian manufacturer Lamborghini has launched its Aventador supercar a while from now. It is the preferred choice of most people who can splurge money for this magnificent piece of machinery.

There have been several instances where vehicles have caught on fire or some problem has occurred that causes an accident. Today, we found an owner of Lamborgini's Aventador showing off his exhaust note, which is truly impressive.

Lamborghini's Aventador is a fire breathing supercar and that is exactly what happens. As the driver is showing bystanders the vehicles exhaust note, it spits flames. All of a sudden the flame is too big and lights something up below the rear tail lamps.

The owner of this Aventador panics and is blowing and trying his very best to douse the flames. In his desperation he gets back in and drives off hoping the fire dies. We wonder what happens next, for which you will have to check our video of the day.

Video Of The Day: Lamborghini's Aventador Catches Fire!

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