This Is Madness! Lada Niva Beats Nissan GT-R On The Drag Strip

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A Nissan GTR, especially a tuned one is a nightmare to race against on a drag strip as it can accelerate from zilch to 100km/h in the blink of an eye.

So, the owner of the 680hp Nissan GT-R in this video he was drawn up against the ultimate sleeper car in the form of a tuned Lada Niva producing 600hp. Yes, he came up against a Lada, the Russian brand that has become a running joke for all the automotive comedians out there who want a cheap laugh.

Unfortunately for the owner of the GT-R, a standard Niva weighs in at around 540 kilograms less than a GT-R, something the driver came to know quite well when the lights turned green.  

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