South Korean Carmaker Achieves Environmental Landmark; This Should Be Done In India As Well!

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Kia, the South Korean carmaker had big plans for the future many years ago and now, the company has achieved a part of it. Kia has achieved an impressive landmark in terms of going green, by having planted 5 million trees around its production facilities.

Kia claims that the greens around its manufacturing facilities is equivalent to the surface of 866 football fields. That is equivalent to 3,507,276 square meters of greenery around the carmaker's factories.

Kia takes pride on the fact that the company has not had any sort of soil contamination problems in any of its facility for the past 15 years. The planted trees have approximately absorbed around 107.5 million tons of CO2.

Towards the end of last year, Kia had planted 4.95 million trees at its production facilities and the mission has not stopped since. Bravo!

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