Ken Block Showcases Can-Am Mavericks Custom Models

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Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) has announced that Ken Block will be the brand ambassador for the Can-Am ATV models. Now the rally driver has helped in designing two very special Can-Am Maverick model. Hoonigan Racing team has also provided valuable inputs.

ken block custom can am maverick

Ken Block and the Hoonigan Racing Team took the Maverick X RS Turbo and Maverick MAX RS Turbo and twisted them. We were sure that Ken Block would never keep either ATV models stock for too long. Both models receive special treatment with different approaches.

The Maverick MAX RS Turbo ATV model is developed and designed for street use. Ken Block and his team have still managed to provide off-road capabilities to the model. They have added several performance parts as well as Ken Block's racing livery as well.

ken block can am maverick

Maverick X RS Turbo model, on the other hand, is the most fun to trash around off-road model. Hoonigan Racing has equipped the ATV with several of their custom equipment. You have to see it to believe both the Can-Am Maverick amazing creations from Ken Block.

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