Love Watersports? Then Here’s Something Interesting From Kawasaki

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When we hear Jet Ski, the first picture that comes to our mind is a boat like vehicle which can be ridden like a motorcycle on water. The engine mounted on the ski will push water backwards to move the ski forward. In the past, Kawasaki made this vehicle popular when it was launched back in 1992.

But five years ago, the Kawasaki SX-R Jet Ski went out of production and now, they are back. Kawasaki has released a teaser video clip, which shows its latest Jet Ski model, named the SX-R, exactly like the older version.

The modern Jet Skies are large, which can carry around three people. They are equipped with LCD displays, switches, rearview mirror, and even music systems. But in reality, an original Jet Ski is nothing but a hydrodynamic lower hull with a motor and handle bars. You have to stand on it and then move forward.

The teaser video does not reveal much, but it states that the new Jet Ski will be powered by a 4-stroke engine. Kawasaki claims it to be 'competition ready', which means it's aimed at water sports enthusiasts.

The SX-R is currently in its development phase and will be showcased in October 2016, with sales expected to start later this year or early next year.

Below is the teaser video from Kawasaki.

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