Jobless Indian Youth Builds Plane Using Maruti Van Engine

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A jobless youth from India has proved that his free time will not go wasted ever. The 26-year old from Muzaffarnagar, out of boredom built a single seater plane using the engine and other parts from a Maruti Suzuki Van.

Abdul Wajid is a resident of Kaserva village, which falls in a riot-affected region. The 26-year old was previously part of the National Cadet Corps. or NCC. He has been trained in aeromodelling at the Safdarjung airport.

The single-seater aircraft is ready for flight and is awaiting necessary approval. The entire project was achieved within a budget of Rs. 5 lakhs. Abdul Wajid's motivation was that he wanted to prove to all that he is not worthless and is filled with talent.

Previously, Abdul Wajid used two motorcycle engines, however, he could not achieve the required thrust. He thus, decided to use the engine from a Maruti Van, which he purchased from a scrap dealer. The plane is built around a wooden structure and weighs close to 350 Kgs.


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