Jenson Button And His Wife Gassed, Knocked Unconscious & Robbed!

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Jenson Button and his wife, Jessica Michibata were gassed and robbed in their vacation home in the south of France.

The burglars pumped anaesthetic gas throughout the house to knock out the couple and made away with goods worth USD 450,000.

According to The Sun, there were five people in the house, including Button and his wife. Burglars pumped the gas through Ac vents and made the move once they were sure everybody was asleep.

Button and his wife did not notice anything until they woke up. The three friends were asleep in another room and did not realise anything either.

A three-stone diamond and platinum wedding ring was among the stolen goods, which was worth USD 387,000 by itself and the couple are very upset about it.

Now that's one high profile robbery!

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