Japanese Pizza Delivery Scooter Race Is Pure Lean Angle Lunacy

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The Honda Gyro is a 50cc three-wheeled scooter which is best known as a delivery vehicle that zips across crowded city streets in Japan on their way to delivering piping hot pizzas to the hungry populace.

Japanese Pizza Delivery Scooter Race Is As Crazy As It Gets

The version of the Gyro seen in the crazy race below is the Canopy which features a roof-type fairing and a rear cargo box that is attached to the tilting main body.

Compared to the regular Gyro, the Canopy features a larger front wheel and bigger brakes to deal with this model's increased weight and slightly higher cargo platform. The 62-litre cargo box is rated for 30-kilograms.

Japanese Pizza Delivery Scooter Race Is As Crazy As It Gets

So when two Gyros go head to head on a race track with two crazy riders at the helm, it makes for one crazy race, which was exactly what people at a race track got to see when the two extremely fuel efficient trikes went head to head.

The race saw crazy lean angles and quite a few hairy moments as the two riders gave it thier all on the go-kart track. In the end of the two riders did win, but you'll probably find yourself looping the video back to the start to experience it all over again. We sure did.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 18, 2017, 19:10 [IST]
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