James Bond's Custom-Built Lotus Esprit Submarine Car On Sale

This is definitely doesn't come around very often. Any of James Bond's gadget is a must have for many. The Lotus Esprit submarine car a.k.a. 'Wet Nellie' that Bond uses in the movie 'The Spy Who Loved Me', is up for grabbers.

The submarine car is up for auction on eBay for a price tag of USD 1,000,000. According to the owner, there are only three of a kind in the world. As eBay listings say, this custom-built car was the one that was used in the movie and it is fully restored.

The car was originally built by Perry Oceanographic, from Riviera Beach, Florida, USA, specifically for the film, using an Esprit S1 bodyshell, which cost about USD 100,000.

The car was showcased on History channel's show, American Restoration. The car was restored by Rick Dale, owner of Rick's Restoration from Las Vegas. The submarine car has fins on one side and the famous folding wheels on the other.

There were six of these amphibious Esprit's originally made, and only three of them have survived till date. The one on auction is one of them.

One major fact to be noted is that the car neither drives nor operates under water. But hey, it's still a Bond car!

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