The One Jag To Rule Them All — E-Type Owned By LOTR's Gimli The Dwarf Up For Auction

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The Jaguar E-Type is considered by many to be the most beautiful car ever to have set its tyres on tarmac and Enzo Ferrari himself once called it "the most beautiful car ever made" .

Now, a Type III Jaguar E-Type, owned by the actor who played Gimli the Dwarf in the Lord of The Rings, John Rhys-Davies, is set to hit the auction block and could be yours for just £75,000 (Rs. 64.82 lakhs).

The car, a Type III Jaguar E-Type was originally sold in St. Louis, Missouri by Continental Cars in 1973 and is one of the few E-Types fitted with an automatic gearbox.

After going through numerous owners it was purchased by Welsh actor Rhys-Davies. Rhys-Davies then exported the car to New Zealand, where he was filming for the Lord Of The Rings. Davies then dumped quite a bit of money to convert the car to right-hand-drive from its original left-hand-drive spec.

The E-Type owned by Rhys-Davies has been driven around for just over 37,000 kilometers, and features an uprated engine along with power steering, air conditioning, and indicators on the front wings, a feature not seen on cars sold in the UK.

The car's interior is done in cinnamon coloured leather while the fabric roof is coloured tan. Speaking of the roof, it has stayed in the boot of the car for most of its life, since Rhy-Davies, despite playing a dwarf, is actually over six feet tall and can't fit in the car with the roof on.

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