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The used car market in India has grown several folds and the issue that arises in such a situation is, if the car is reliable enough or genuine. Often, the trusted person when it comes to such purchases is a friend, or a relative with good knowledge about the vehicle, and not a technician.

So what does one do? This is when 'CheckGaadi.com' steps in. All one has to do is book a time and date for vehicle inspection, and the technician turns up, performs the necessary inspection, and will issue a detailed report of the vehicle. Simple, right?

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We speak to Amit Nigam, the Founder of CheckGaadi.com and learn what the company offers in detail.

How did you come up with such an idea in the automotive space?

The idea was basically an amalgamation of several years of experience in the automotive industry. Having spent a lot of years working in companies like Bosch and SAP, I realised the automotive market needed something like CheckGaadi.com.

The kind of service we offer is on our website — inspecting vehicles. What we also offer is a product, in terms of a mobile application to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

The mobile app, which is currently used by over 100 service centres, will record a vehicle's health and alert customers about top three issues that the vehicle currently faces. The vehicle's detailed health report will also be shared with customers.

Do you cater to two-wheelers as well?

Four-wheelers are our primary focus, but yes, we do cater to two-wheelers as well, since most problems such as brakes and suspension are faced by both types of vehicles. The used car market is our biggest target and customers looking for our services are primarily the ones who are looking to buy a used car.

On the product front, which is the mobile app, our target customers are authorised service centres, OEMs, and multi-brand service outlets.

Do you cater to vehicles under warranty, and if so, does it hamper the same for a vehicle?

Yes, we do cater to vehicles that are under warranty and our services involve only inspection, so the manufacturer will not cancel the warranty of a vehicle. We have a procedure that we follow and ensure the highest quality.

Is GaadiCheck.com's services limited to Indian brands only?

No, our services are not limited to Indian vehicles. All vehicles, be it a particular vehicle made in India or an exotic car, have common parts such as brakes, suspension, steering, clutch, etc. The difference is how they are being operated, rather than their functionality.

How many cities do you (CheckGaadi.com) cater to?

For the record, we cater to 11 cities. We are growing in cities where there is no need of physical presence, and since our product is cloud based, we literally have no boundaries. We cater to other countries as well, and in fact, we are in talks with possible channel partners in the US.

Could you explain as to how the mobile app works?

Generally, when a customer services his or her vehicle, manufacturers offer an array of additional services which a customer would not want to pick at that particular moment. All that information is lost over time.

With the app, data is stored and the customer will get a notification in the future, which is based as per the customer's preference. Also, the vehicle's health is monitored and the app will notify customers about top three issues that need to be addressed with utmost importance.

Different parts have different life spans, say for example the clutch lasts 50,000km on an average, while brake pads need to be replaced at a much shorter interval. These are vital information that a customer should be aware of.

We are able to track what kind of customers use our app and prioritise work accordingly — a teenager will have time in hand, but not enough funds, while a working professional will have funds and not time. Notifications can be customised as to when and what time of the day a customer prefers to be notified.

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