India's Ken Block Set To Thrill From Younger Days

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Ken Block is from United States of America and is popularly known for his stunts in a vehicle. He is also a professional rally driver for Hoonigan Racing Division, it was formerly known as Monster World Rally Team. He is among the co-founders of DC Shoes, however, he has sold his ownership.

Today we have spotted the next best thing to come from India. This eight year old from Sangli, Maharashtra is performing stunts in a tractor even before he is ever eligible for a licence. Ranjit Patil could be the next Ken Block from India, we may question is it is safe or not?

Without proper protection he is definitely putting himself in a risky situation. However, there is nothing wrong if he is in a safe location with nobody else around. We wish him all the best and hope he continues his enthusiasm with adequate safety.

Ranjit Patil and his stunts with a tractor is our video of the day. We wish you take a quick glance at the video and let us know what you think of the next Ken Block from India?

Video: Indian Made Ken Block Found!

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