Indian Politician, Actor Pawan Kalyan’s Campaign Vehicle 'Varahi' Is A Beast

Elections are nearing in Telangana and Indian Politician, Actor Mr Pawan Kalyan unveiled his election campaign vehicle 'Varahi' in Hyderabad.

The veteran actor is also the president of the Jana Sena Party (JSP), and 'Varahi' is his election campaign vehicle which will accompany him for the proposed state-wide 'Bus Yatra'.

This proposed state-wide 'Bus Yatra' that is part of the 2024 elections in the Southern state is scheduled to commence from January 2023 onwards. Since Mr Pawan Kalyan is a very prominent personality, his security is of utmost importance and the 'Varahi' has been built as per this requirement.

Furthermore, Mr Pawan Kalyan himself posted a message on Twitter stating that the 'Varahi' is ready for the upcoming election battle in the state. On top of that, it is also been said that the 'Varahi' will hit the road only after it undergoes a special at the Sri Anjaneya Swamy temple at Kondagattu in Jagital district.

Initially, Pawan Kalyan had proposed to commence the 'Bus Yatra' from Dussera this year. However, this program was later postponed due to various reasons. That being said, 'Varahi' is the name of a goddess that protects in all directions - A very strong name to use in an election campaign vehicle.

Last Wednesday, Pawan Kalyan even inspected and made a test run of the 'Varahi' and gave some suggestions to the Jana Sena Party leader Mr Tangella Uday Srinivas and other technical persons who were responsible for designing and making the 'Varahi'. Overall, sources indicate that the Actor, Indian Politician was really happy with the 'Varahi'.

Diving into details, the 'Varahi' is capable of seating 3 people including Pawan Kalyan himself and sports all-around lighting to avoid inconvenience due to power shortages at election campaign locations. On top of that, the vehicle also comes with a modern sound system to deliver speeches in clarity. There are also CCTV cameras with real-time recording and play functions.

Thoughts About Pawan Kalyan's 'Varahi'

Indian Politician, Actor Mr Pawan Kalyan's Varahi is almost ready to hit the road. That being said, the 'Varahi' looks absolutely ready to take on the toughest of the challenges ahead and comes with some of the best technology to make the vehicle ready for the upcoming elections in 2024.

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Article Published On: Thursday, December 8, 2022, 16:58 [IST]
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