Indian Cop Taken For A Drive Over Bonnet

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An Indian cop, who was as always doing his job in Chandigarh, was in for a surprise. There are many of us who break signals and avoid traffic cops in India. Then there are a few who would stop and do not mind paying a small bribe to be let off.

In our video of the day, we found footage from Chandigarh, where apparently a cop was taken for a drive. However, he was not inside the car and was hanging on for dear life on to the bonnet. It is not clear how it ends for the inspector.

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The owner and driver involved in this situation are in for a huge problem. Not only is it an attempt to kill a person, it also is an offence against a government employee. The video will surely serve as evidence, when the matter is taken up.

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This should serve as a lesson to all of us, we should first and foremost follow all the traffic rules. When asked to stop by law enforcers, we should because if there is no fault of ours the official cannot charge us. Lastly and most importantly, if you hit a person, do not run away but help him first.

Video: Indian Cop Taken For A Drive Over Bonnet!

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