Has Hyundai Taken The Owner's Manual Light Years Ahead?

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Owner's manual are known to be big, heavy books with what seems to be a million pages. Trying to find out a simple thing like the boot release can take time to find. Hyundai wanted to change all that time-consuming process and decided to make an iOS app and integrate it into the car's touch screen system.

Now, Hyundai has taken that further with an app called the virtual guide reality app that would have the car's complete manual, which will also help customers maintain the car. The app will be able to recognize over 45 features of the car, and when the camera is used to view a particular part, the app will be able to give details.

This new app will be launched by the end of this year and will be compatible with the 2015 Sonata. Other models made by Hyundai will soon also be compatible. For ease of use, Hyundai has made 82 how-to videos, more than 50 information guides, and six 3D overlays for major portions of the vehicle.

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