Get Ready To Travel At Over 1100km/h — Hyperloop Is Here

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Imagine travelling from Delhi to Mumbai in just 61 minutes or Delhi to Bangalore in just one hour and 33 minutes. That's less than half the amount of time it usually takes to fly there without counting the time you're stuck at the airport going through baggage clearance and security checks.

Well that ludicrous time may soon become a reality, if the test you see in the video above starts paying dividends. The test eas conducted by Hyperloop One, one of the two companies trying to make Tesla founder Elon Musk's Hyperloop transport dream into a reality.

Hyperloop One's test saw the company's magnetic propulsion system sling a sled from 0-85km/h in just 1 second, the rough equivalent of 2.5G. The final production version will transport 10 to 30 people through tubes in pods at speeds of up to 1127km/h (700m/h).

Hyperloop One will conduct a full scale test later this year and hopes to start moving freight through its system by 2019. The company thinks it will be ready for passengers by 2021.

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