Honda Mobilio Features In An All-New 2015 TVC

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Japanese automobile giant, Honda has a strong presence in India. They have a wide range of products on offer. They had recently launched their first MPV in India, which they have christened as the Mobilio.

Honda Mobilio constantly adds new webisodes and TVCs to keep their product fresh in their customers mind. We all remember the first Mobilio TVC, which had an entire family dancing and singing the benefits of this MPV. Now they have introduced a new webisode with Kapil Sharma, which we showed a few days ago and now here is their new TVC.

In the 2015 Honda Mobilio TVC, the manufacturer showcases the split personality of this MPV. They showcase the use of the vehicle on weekdays and on weekends. The owner uses Mobilio as a personal vehicle and also as a family getaway vehicle.

They also showcase the Mobilio's ability to accommodate a Golfing bag for hobby time. Honda's MPV also doubles up as a great shopping vehicle to pick up grocery and the monthly ration. It is the perfect vehicle for a family man, who takes his world together. The vehicle also is a romantics vehicle, with its stylish look and design.

Honda's Mobilio is a smooth driving vehicle, however, it also can do joy drives with relative ease. Basically Honda is telling us that their MPV can handle multiple situations. It provides everything an individual needs in a single vehicle.

Video: Honda Mobilio Features In An All-New 2015 TVC!

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Story first published: Thursday, March 5, 2015, 13:40 [IST]
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