Here’s How All Family Car Trips Go

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Car trips with your family are a comedy film in the making. There will always be someone who doesn't want to go, someone who's overexcited, someone who's pouting over an argument or lost battle (No! I want to sit in the front!), and someone who's trying to make the best of the situation (Hint: dad)!

Whether it's a planned trip or an impromptu one, a road trip with your family will always leave you with plenty of stories and utterly unforgettable memories.

Phase 1: Packing Panic

In the beginning there's always the issue of everyone packing in a desperate attempt to depart on time, and that's always tougher than you think it's going to be!

"We leave at 7!", is the decision made the previous night, when spirits are high, but come morning, people are dragging their feet, lugging overly packed suitcases down the stairs and snapping at each other in a half-awake daze.

Phase 2: Bitter Beginnings

Once you are finally on the road, family members turn into insatiable clients at the exact same time... Demands for toilet breaks and snack breaks and photo ops are unending, and everything becomes a debate- from deciding what route to travel to how cold the AC should be.

This is why taking a large, spacious car like the Honda BRV is essential- so at least space is never a bone of contention, and everyone can sit in whichever row they want.

Phase 3: Music Mania

It wouldn't be a road trip without an disagreement about what music to play.

From old Bollywood tracks to new generation EDM, everyone's music tastes differ to the point where one sullen kid eventually gives up and just puts on his/her earphones. Many times, the only solution is to put the music off and talk to each other or just enjoy the drive.

Eventually though, there's always that one song that everyone knows- like a mellow old Beatles song, or one of Sonu Nigam's greatest hits that the whole family likes and sings along to, making it that perfectly cheesy Kodak moment.

Phase 4: Food Frenzy

One of the most controversial things are when you stop for food and there's the massive discussion about which highway restaurant to eat at, what to order, how much to order, and whether to led the kids run amok and buy chocolate to their heart's content because it's supposed to be a 'fun trip' or be strict.

There will always be the alarmist who keeps looking at their watch and freaking out about how much time is being wasted off the road.

They'll eventually get their way and you guys will troop back into your big beautiful car, only to be annoyed a couple of minutes later by someone who suddenly remembered they need to use the bathroom.

Phase 5: Destination: Delight

After a while though, when you're closer to your destination, and you've reached the serene part of the drive where you start to see the mountains or the beaches in the town you're visiting, everyone begins to like each other again and just calms down to enjoy the view.

Each member is snuggled into their own corner of the car, and slowly they begin to unfurl themselves and collect the paraphernalia they've spread around- from chips packets to earphones.

The whole family is full of excitement, and can't be bothered to pretend they aren't loving every minute of their time together.

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