Headwave TAG Audio Accessory For Helmets; No Mods Required

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Almost everyone on this planet loves entertainment and they would love to experience it everywhere. Several two-wheeler owners love listening to music, however, it is not always easy to listen to music while one is riding a motorcycle or scooter.

headwave tag

Now a new technology called Headwave TAG is expected to create a revolution. The system will help riders get an amazing audio system even as they are wearing their helmets. Surprisingly this new technology does not require any modifications to be done to the helmet.

Headwave TAG connects to an audio streaming device via Bluetooth connectivity. The device has to be stuck to the back exterior of the helmet. Now most of you may wonder how does music get transmitted inside the helmet.

headwave tag audio accessory

Vibrational energy from an Exciter is used to produce audio within the helmet. The Headwave TAG transmits audio waves through the helmet shell producing an unique audio listening experience. No cables are needed for connection, nor any additional software or app for normal use.

One needs not worry too much about the Headwave TAG as it is made up of Thermoplastic Polyurethane for toughness. The Headwave TAG is dust and waterproof, it also is shock proof and UV resistant. Headwave TAG is available worldwide and is made in Germany and costs approximately Rs. 25,000.

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