Backwards Is The New Forward!

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That is exactly what Harpreet Devi thinks. Harpreet Devi from Punjab has been driving in reverse, only reverse since 2003.

It all started one day when Harpreet Devi's faithful old Fiat was stuck in reverse and he had no other go but to reverse his car to the nearest workshop.

That's when idea struck, and Devi realised that that was his safest drive ever! He modified his car to have a four speed reverse gear and one forward gear.

The next step was to get permission from the government and local authorities, and once that was done, he fitted the car with headlights to the rear and there was no looking forward ever since!

After gaining confidence driving his car in reverse, he feels that it's the safest way direction to travel.

A rare talent actually, given many people who drive cars are nervous to even reverse the car for a few feet.

Apart from Devi's four-speed-reverse-gear-equipped-Fiat, which has headlights instead of tail lamps, the car is also equipped with an ambulance siren to warn other vehicles drivers that he is reversing.

Harpreet Devi's driving style has had its side effects, or rather a reverse effect. His back has taken a serious beating from constantly looking backwards, but other than that, he is in perfect condition!

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