Waterless Car Wash Launched In India — Will You Use This Service?

Written By: Irwin

Reports reveal that India's current per capita water consumption is at 150 litres a day. And by 2020, the country is expected to suffer from water shortage.

One of the culprits for water wastage is vehicle washing, where around 10 litres of water is used on an average for a single car wash, and this is only supposed to grow in the coming years with the increasing vehicle population.

green salute waterless car wash

Take, for example, Pune; it is believed, the city will witness an addition of 30 lakh vehicles by the end of 2016.

This worry has led to a start-up by Ninad Dhok, 37 and Akshay, 32, brothers where they offer waterless car wash. Many countries and cities around the world have banned the use of water to clean vehicles. It is high time that civic bodies in India too followed suit," Ninad said.

The company is known as the Green Salute, and the team have developed a manual way of cleaning cars by spraying advanced surfactants, emulsifiers and lubricants on the vehicle surfaces and wiped away with specially spun micro-fibre towels.

waterless car wash india

Currently, such products are available on e-commerce sites; however, Green Salute believes their company stands out compared to the competition, where the cleaners arrive at your doorstep on electric-run scooters.

What's your take on water wastage and waterless car wash? Are you up for this service?

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