Google Maps Could Feature A New 'Parking Space' Availability Function

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As true as it sounds, Google Maps is looking to introduce a 'Parking Availability' feature with the iOS and Android platforms that will tell you if there are parking spaces at your destination, along with how long you would have to wait to get a spot.

This will be a very useful feature if the recently released 9.34 beta has any clues about its future plans.

The new feature could be set to send text message alerts about any shortage of parking places. The navigation app will now be able to calculate and predict your travel time, along with how long you will have to wait to get a parking spot.

Parking space availability data will be based on the total number of spaces, and the number of vehicles in the area including the time of day, whether or not there is a sporting event or even a music concert, where parking tends to be full.

The updated version of the app also features a new 'Always Point North' function, that locks the map and stops it from adjusting as and when you turn around.

It's still not clear as to how many of these functions will make it to the final version, but the parking feature is very much needed. What are your thoughts?

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