0 To 520 Km/h In Under 4 Seconds! Meet The Funny Car

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Going fast is a dream for any petrol head. Breaking the barrier of speed is something even more special. So, to any normal person, when the word ‘top speed' is said, many refer to road cars like the Bugatti or the Koenigsegg.

Little do they know that there are cars that accelerate quicker than that and have a much higher top speed. For example, cars that can accelerate from 0 to 520 km/k in mere seconds - meet the Funny Cars.

Funny Car is a race category of its own that features highly modified cars that run in a straight line, competing against each other. These cars manage to produce between 7,000 to 9,000 bhp.

The record setting car, the one that achieved 520 km/h in 3.921 seconds was driven by Jack Beckman, a professional Drag Racer. Beckman is also a 19-time NHRA Funny Car winner, who also holds a national record.

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