Your Dream Job Awaits — Write About Cars And Bikes For DriveSpark

Have you got a flair for writing creative content? Do you count cars and bikes in your sleep instead of sheep? If your obsession is everything automotive (ie: anything with an engine and/or wheels), then we at DriveSpark (India's premier multi-lingual Automotive website) would like to see you take your passion to the next level by joining our team as a Freelance Content Writer.

freelance content writer jobs with drivespark

So if your passion is everything related to cars and bikes a Freelance Content Writer with DriveSpark will help you earn some extra money as you follow your passion.

But before you powerslide your way to becoming a Freelance Content Writer with DriveSpark, here are a few things that you must keep in mind while writing for us.

Articles Need To Be Informative and Easy to Read

Any article you write for DriveSpark as a Freelance Content Writer needs to be informative. Articles have to be clear and concise but should have enough information, so that the reader understands every detail about the story that you have written.

Fake News Is A No No

Every article you write as a DriveSpark Freelance Content Writer has to be verified so that any false information or mistakes do not creep into the article. Always ensure you get the details verified from multiple sources and/or the manufacturer.

Plagiarism Is A Terminal Sin - Avoid At All Costs

Every article you write has to be your original work. Every Freelance Content Writer working for DriveSpark needs to remember that Plagiarism (blatant or otherwise cut, copy, paste writing) will not be tolerated so avoid taking content from other websites, newspapers and other sources. If there is something unavoidable like a quote from a specific person, attribute that section to the source page if and only if the content is exclusive to that publication.

Format For Writing

  • Language to be followed by Freelance Content Writers writing for DriveSpark is British English. Any Americanism & SMS lingo will not be tolerated.
  • Content written by Freelance Content Writers for DriveSpark has to be grammatically correct and should have a proper flow. Please avoid going off on a tangent as it distracts readers and usually sees them exit the article with haste.
  • Minimum Word Count is 500 words. Freelance Content Writers who wish to write more are more than welcome to do so. However, any content under the minimum word limit will be rejected.
  • Do not repeat content already on the site. Freelance Content Writers should follow DriveSpark to ensure that any articles they plan to write haven't been done before. Readers don't like to read the same thing over and over again. Use the search option on to avoid redundancies.

So Why Should You Become A Freelance Content Writer For DriveSpark?

If you want to write about your passion - cars, bikes and anything with wheels or an engine - then DriveSpark is the place to be. Becoming a freelance content writer with DriveSpark allows you the freedom to write from home about your favourite topic and earn some extra cash while doing so.

If the viewership on your article is good, then you the freelance content writer may be offered a job as a full-time writer for DriveSpark. Your Dream Job MayBe Just Around The Corner.

To register as a Freelance Content Writer with DriveSpark, contact us at

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Article Published On: Monday, January 29, 2018, 23:11 [IST]

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