Former Marussia Designer Previews Wolf Supercar To Rival Koenigsegg

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Former Marussia designer Igor Ermelin has revealed images of the supercar that is to take on the Koenigseggs and Paganis.

Called the ‘Wolf', this will be Russia's competition to supercar makers like Koenigsegg and Pagani.

wolf supercar images and details

The designer, Igor Ermelin is also the Advisor to the President of the Russian Automotive Federation and has high hopes for the car that will be put into production soon, albeit in very limited numbers.

The car will be completely hand built, fast, beautiful, and comfortable according to Ermelin. The Wolf is expected to be priced between 1 to 2 million euros and production will be limited to just 20 examples a year.

wolf supercar images and details

What is going to power the car is still a mystery. It might come with hybrid technology since its competition is on the highest level.

So till the Wolf makes a public appearance in production form, things will still be in the dark for most of us.

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