Tired Of Being Stuck In Traffic? Firefox Might Have The Answer For You

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Biking company, Firefox, extends its support to Government's odd-even vehicle rationing scheme.

Firefox has now launched the TERN bike primarily aiming to spread awareness about odd-even formula and to highlight the importance of using folding bikes.

"Odd-Even is a great concept for decongeztion of traffic and is an effective pollution control initiative. Riding bicycles to office is not only an environment friendly option but also a great fitness activity that will help people remain healthy. Folding bike TERN that can be carried along to office, gym; people internationally use such bikes to commute to office regularly and for short distances. It would be very over-whelming if people take to cycling for short distances and office travel, this trend is catching up in India," said Shiv Inder Singh, CEO, Firefox Bikes.

Bicycles form an eco-friendly mode of transportation, it is powered by the cyclist's own energy. This could be seen as a way to maintain a good exercise routine and a healthier lifestyle.

TERN weighs 12 kg and it comes with a price tag of Rs. 31,000. Firefox also offers a wide range of over 75 bike models which fulfills the needs of all age groups.

The company is currently targeting its products at high-income salaried groups, and corporate professionals.

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