Warehouse Fire Destroys 24 Rare Cars In California

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The worst thing that can happen to rare cars is them going up in flames, like what happened in a warehouse in California. International Vehicle Importers lost 24 Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) cars in a fire that broke out.

Specific car models that were destroyed in the fire are still unknown and the owner, Sean Morris has posted a picture of the damage. International Vehicle Importers are still compiling a list of cars that were damaged in the fire.

In a Facebook post, Morris has said that at least 24 cars, 5 motorcycles, and two dogs were missing. The list of cars that were damaged could have Nissan GT-Rs as well since the firm's 'for sale' inventory does list a few Skyline's for sale.

The exact reason for the fire is still unknown, but stay tuned for more updates about the reason for the fire and the list of cars that were damaged. 

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