Here Are A Few Tips To Remove Fog From Car Glass

Fogging up of windshield can be quite dangerous while driving as it limits visibility.

However, modern cars come equipped with ways to tackle fogging of glasses. On top of that, there are more than a few DIY remedies to get rid of fog from glasses. So, here are a few tips to remove fog from car glass.

Understanding Fog

Before jumping ahead into the remedies to avoid fogging up of windshields or car glasses, it is very important to understand what is fog. For starters, fogging is basically condensation of water, this can happen either inside or outside of the car and it mainly occurs due to the difference in the outside temperature and the inside temperature of a car.

Fogging Outside The Car

If fogging occurs on the outside of your car's glasses or windshield, this means that condensation is happening on the outside as the interior temperature of the car is colder than the temperature outside the car.

To remove outside fogging, you can simply turn on the windshield wiper to wipe clear the fog from the windshield. However, this method cannot be used to remove fog from the side windows.

In order to remove fog from side windows, you can either increase the temperature of the air conditioner in your car or even open the windows to achieve equilibrium with the outside temperature.

Fogging Inside The Car

Fogging inside the car can be experienced while raining as the warmer temperature inside the car will cause fogging up of windows and windshield. However, activating the wiper will not be helpful in such situations as the fog is inside the car.

Turning on the air conditioning is one way to clear the for from the windshield and side windows. However, this process can be sped-up using the dedicated defogger button as it will immediately start blowing colder air onto the windshield using special vents just below the windshield.

DIY Hack

To avoid fogging up, you can also apply a layer of shaving cream/foam on the windshield and glasses of your car. This thin layer of shaving cream/foam will form a protective layer on the windshield and stop moisture from building up on the applied surface area.

Another way to reduce inside fogging is by using silica balls. These small transparent balls are made to absorb moisture and can be used as dehumidifiers in cars as well. Moreover, these silica ball packets are available in various sizes and can be purchased online as well.

Thoughts About Removing Fog From Car Glasses

There is nothing to worry about if your car windows are fogging up as it is a very common phenomenon. However, fogging can be quite dangerous while driving as it limits the visibility by a significant extent. As such, these above-mentioned tips can be very useful to remove fog from car glasses.

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Article Published On: Monday, November 21, 2022, 18:16 [IST]
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