Ferrari Pinin Four-Door Concept Up For Sale

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The Pinin four-door concept car, which was introduced to the world during the Turin Motor Show in 1980 is up for sale. This is the second time the car is being sold.

The car was auctioned in 2011, during the RM event in London and was estimated to fetch between USD 740,000 to 850,000.

The car was introduced during the Turin Motor Show, not to boast about its engine or top speed, since it did not have an engine at all. It was showcased to boast its aerodynamic technology.

The Ferrari Pinin four-door concept had glass between the C-pillars, hidden windshield wipers, and unique five-bladed wheels to effective cool off the brakes.

Who ever bought the car maybe thought it was a good idea to stick a 5.0-litre, flat-twelve engine in the car to make it a proper running car with enough performance.

So how much has it been listed for now? Well, the asking price for this one-off piece of history is USD 795,000 only!

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