Have You Been Denied The Restroom At A Fuel Station? Know Your Rights

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Fuel stations in India usually display a board that says "Free Toilet, Free Air, and Free Water". But how many times have people been denied one or all of them? It's time a citizen knows what services should be provided by them and what steps can be taken if denied.

The Oil Marketing Companies have come up with detailed 'Marketing Discipline Guidelines' to be followed at petrol stations. The guidelines also specify penalties if a retailer does not comply.

facilities to be provided at petrol stations

List Of Services To Be Provided By Petrol Stations

  • Quality product and correct quantity to be delivered at the right price
  • Air facility to be provided to customers during operating hours
  • Prompt service and courteous behavior at all times
  • A suggestion/ complaint book must be readily available at all times and customers should be notified of the same
  • The working hours and holiday list must be displayed
  • Clean toilets should be available in the premises
  • Telephone facility should be available in the premises
  • Name and contact number of the dealer and oil company personnel should be displayed
  • First Aid box should be available
  • The outlet should be well lit and kept tidy
  • Safety equipment should be available, along with trained personnel
  • Toilet should be clean and well lit
  • Toilets should have a working flush
  • Water should be available at all times
  • The doors should mandatorily have a latch

Fines That Will Be Imposed If Above Services Are Not Provided

  • Suspension of sales and supplies for 15 days for the first violation
  • 30 days for the second violation
  • Third violation would lead to termination of the dealership


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